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    DangerMouse, for those of you who DON'T know, is a cartoon superhero created in England By Cosgrove/Hall Productions Limited. The DangerMouse episodes we have all come to know and love first aired in 1981. Since then it has built an audience over 6 Million strong! For 2 years, beginning in June of 1984, he started entertaining millions more in the US on the Nickelodeon channel in the afternoons...where almost overnight he shot into their highest ratings.

    In England, 3 videos were created and began selling strongly with the 3rd shooting instantly into the #3 slot on release. There were also over 200 different items of DM merchandise available in England, from books to mugs to soap- and even Wellington boots! It is also rumored that a video game came out titled "DangerMouse In Double Trouble"

    The Series has been sold in over 31 countries and 7 seasons have been screened in England. However, to the best of my knowledge, only 5 tapes and one DVD set have ever been released in the U.S.

    DangerMouse is a wacky and hilarious adventure featuring a white secret agent mouse and his trusty bumbling sidekick hampster assistant- Penfold. Penfold is lovingly daft and usually needs to be saved from one situation or another, and is the greatest straight man...err... hampster ever known. Together, they are given assignments by Colonel K., their commander/walrus. The orders consisted of doing battle to save the world from: monsters, master thieves, and crazed fiends of all types. The most prolific being their arch nemesis, a meglomanic frog, named Baron Silas Greenback and his henchman crow, Stiletto.

    The television screen blares- and DM knows that it will be Colonel K. wanting them to save the world again. " ZZZZZ... That will be Colonel K. with some mind boggling mystery to solve" DM is always saving the world - Although, as he likes to point out in a humble British style, "it's just a job really." DM always manages to save the day, earning himself the adoration of millions who tend to reward him with many unique gifts. He receives a camel (given to him by Eskimos), a three toed sloth, a panda bear named Fred Fred, a tiger, a even a Mongolian wild mule.

    There are rarely any humans to be seen apart from the Minister of Inkblots and Inertia, a cleaning man, and an overseas reporter interviewing elephants. All of the other characters are humanized animals.

    DangerMouse, and his trusty sidekick Penfold, spend most of their time protecting the world from their arch enemy- the evil Baron Silas Greenback and his henchmen. It is clearly a spoof of the many James Bond episodes. In fact, DangerMouse is heavily layered with arty, witty spoofs of all types... ranking the program up there with "Monty Python" and "Airplane" movies.

    In an episode titled "Custard" they travel to an alien planet where Penfold accidently awakens a cartoon version of "Alien", which breaks out of its egg to plant a big wet, sucky kiss on Penfold. They then wind up crashing into the moon and getting to earth via a "time travelers potting shed". This is poking fun at Dr Who's 'Tardis'!
For "Raiders of the Lost Ark" fans, there was an episode titled "The Long Lost Crown Affair" where the episode opens within a temple hidden in the South American jungle. DM and Penfold are chased by a huge ball that turns out to be part of a huge game of snooker..... and they get holed!

    It should also be noted that DangerMouse lives in a trusty red pillar box just outside of the Baker Street home of Sherlock Holmes famous residence! Just like James Bond, with his love of cars and gadgets, DM drives the greatest car ever given to any secret agent as well as enjoying the use of numerous other "Q"-like aids. He also enjoys what Bond might envy- his very own nimble "Space Hopper".

    Though it is primarily intended for children, the show is best appreciated from an adult point of view. For the younger viewers, there is the slapstick... which is combined with sophisticated parodies and witty remarks that are almost certainly lost on anyone under 15.

Without a doubt, DangerMouse is one of the funniest, zaniest, most imaginative cartoons... well...rather... SHOWS, ever created!

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